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東京タワー前、路地裏に隠れてるカフェ。 異国の空間でコーヒーの香りと共に 少しの時間ホッとしませんか。アフリカとメンタルヘルスなど。

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2018/7/27(金)19時「アフリカビジネスをつくる会2◆多文化デザイン×カメルーン編◆Cross Cultural Design X Oppurtunity in Cameroon」


Africa Business - Cross Cultural Design X(multiply) Oppurtunity in Cameroon (多文化デザイン×カメルーン)







- サイモンのプレゼン(英語)
- 参加者自己紹介(アフリカとの関わりと興味あるビジネス分野)
- グループに分かれてアイディア出し
- アイディア発表とプロジェクト組み

※ 検討したいアイディア、仲間が欲しいプロジェクトがある方大歓迎です
※ 最後のアイディア発表のあと、プロジェクト化したい案でメンバーを募ってプロジェクトを組みたいと思います






Designer : Simon Costantin TAM
Studio : Noumbissidesign
Birth date : 27 novembre 1987
Birth place : Cameroon
Foundation of studio : 2014
Living place : Paris
Working Place : Paris, Douala
Main award : Africa Design Award 2016, best product for HiGOMA Speaking Drums
Main exhibition : SaloneSatellite 2018 | Paris Design Week 2017 | Labo International 2016 | Labo Ethnik 2015 | African & Afro Caribean Design Diaspora 2014 | African & Afro Caribean Design Diaspora 2013
Website :
“Born in Cameroon, educated in France and inspired by Japan, my goal with Noumbissidesign is to show African culture through objects that fit perfectly into anyone's daily life. By mixing those countries influences, cultures and know-how, I wish to obtain a new aesthetic and cross-cultural uses. Moreover, the idea to promote the panafrican way of life just like thé japanese zazen or the french art de vivre.”


HiGOMA Decription : 'When the drums speak, even the kings are silent' . Inspired by this African quote revealing the importance of rythme on this continent, HiGOMA Speaking Drums bring African culture into your daily life. Designed & manufactured in Cameroon | Benefits from the cameroonian djembe maker’s know-how for the développement of the product. Charm & craftsmanship | Raw material obtained and transformed by Cameroonian craftsmen, chosen for their know-how and will for excellence. Natural & Ethical | Iroko wood treated with shea butter from Cameroonian forests. Locally manufactured and equitable wages.

AKU*AKO Description : 'Girls fignt each other, Women empower each other'. Aku • Ako is a family of quintuplets with strong & positive personalities who encourage women to be bold and confident. As coaches on the path to well-being, they reveal their values, such as passion, wisdom, joy, harmony and ambition, ​​to inspire each woman in her quest to fulfillment. Eco-friendly, Aku • Ako dolls are made by artisans, and each of them is unique.



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