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Japanese class on this coming Saturday! 日本語クラスはじまります


Everyone who want to learn Japanese are welcome! Any Japanese levels are okay.
The teacher is native Japanese speaker. She has enough experience of teaching Japanese oversea. She also speaks English and some French.

If you want to learn/improve your Japanese, it's a very good chance for you! We could talk about schedule of next class and content of the lesson at this first meeting.

Date : 2017/3/25 Sat 3 pm-4:30 pm
Charge : 800yen plus please order one item at the shop.

p.s. If you have someone who wanna learn Japanese, please let them know about this class!


日時 : 2017/3/25 土曜 3 pm-4:30 pm
料金 : 800円 プラスお店でワンドリンクオーダーください
ご予約 :


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